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Pediatric Mini Residency

Programme Starts - On request 

An exclusive course for dentists with an interest in Preventive Pediatric dentistry. The main objective of this course is treat children with orofacial problems, to set protocols that would be customized which can be adapted into any dental practice. The highlights of the programme include practice management, insight into the role of Myofunctional therapy in a dental practice,sedation techniques and infant dental care.

2 weeks programme

Week 1:

  1. 7 Days of basic clinical training program

  2. Behavior management in pediatric dentistry.

  3. Dental caries risk assessment, treatment planning & earlier preventive measures.

  4. Pain & Anxiety management in children using Nitrous oxide.

  5. Pediatric restorative procedures with stainless steel crowns

  6. Pediatric practice set up &  its management

  7. Introduction to myofunctional therapy

  8. Diagnosing malocclusion & related conditions.


Week 2:

  1. Endodontic therapies in pediatric dentistry

  2. Pulp therapy with stainless steel and zirconia crowns

  3. Introduction to tongue & lip ties , diagnosis and its role in malocclusion & child’s growth

  4. Lasers in pediatric dentistry

  5. General anesthesia & conscious sedation in pediatric dentistry

Course Fee

Type A and B - [1000 USD]

Type C and D - [550 USD] / [43700/- INR]

Please check which type you fall under here - Link

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