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Certification In Craniofacial Myology And Pediatric Sleep

Eligibility: Allied healthcare professionals

Program Intake -  Bi-Annual

A comprehensive certification Myofunctional programme with 3 modules for allied health professional professionals with a background in orofacial therapy. This course is an extensive evidence-based training on the connection between airway problems, postural changes, malocclusion, functional dysfunctions, sleep-disordered breathing and TMJ disorders in children.

On completing the training the candidate would have gained knowledge in assessing, examining, diagnosing orofacial dysfunctions and will be able to provide interdisciplinary treatment protocols with a holistic approach.


A certificate of Completion will be provided by the end of the third module.


Module 1:

  1. Introduction to orofacial Myofunctional therapy

  2. Causes of malocclusion

  3. Evaluation of dysfunctions

  4. Diagnosis and treatment planning

  5. Patient consultations

  6. Myoline treatment protocols


Module 1 concludes with an MCQ test.


Module 2:

  1. Pediatric Sleep- an overview

  2. Pediatric Dental Sleep and Sleep Disordered breathing

  3. Tongue restrictions and functions- an insight

  4. Expanders in Sleep/ MARPE

  5. Myoline- Myofunctional activity

  6. Case discussion and treatment planning by candidates

  7. Hands on experience with diagnosis


Module 2 concludes with an objective written exam.


Module 3:

TMJ and malocclusion

Course Fee

Type A and B - [3500 USD]

Type C and D - [2200 USD] / [1,77,000/- INR]

Please check which type you fall under here - Link

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