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Tracing all the way back to 2007, Dr.Shifa Shamsudeen had a vision of making a change in perspective from the traditional treatment approach for crooked teeth to a comprehensive methodology. This methodology essentially centers around the accuracy determination and multidisciplinary approach towards the orofacial issues. To address, identify and correct the root cause of the issues through a holistic approach rather than treating symptoms. 


This led her to explore the world of OMT in 2009, since then began the process of learning, unlearning and relearning to help children get the best of holistic healthcare. In 2015, WE Little,  preventive pediatric dentistry was launched. In 2017, WE had about one thousand children under their care, and started weekend courses alongside an appliance based company to provide training for doctors. 


It has been our interminable enthusiasm for quite a long time to train professionals from one side of the country to the other.


In 2018-19, we had directed end of the week courses in which 54 doctors, general dentists and specialists, were trained by We Little Institute of Continuing dental Education (WICE) independent of associations with any company or brand. From the end of 2019 we have been working on formulating programs that will provide a comprehensive, research based, clinically adaptive training for the participants with assessment of their knowledge on completion. 


Alongside the need to provide quality education, WE Little launched Myoline (Naturally Aligning Teeth) to provide the holistic best for patients. Myoline was established with an aim to straighten children’s teeth naturally through OMT with a foundation from over a decade and 4000 plus patients of experience. To assimilate global standardized guidelines,WE rolled out the Institute of Craniofacial Myology and Pediatric Sleep(ICMPS).


The programs curated at ICMPS  provide certification/ fellowship depending on the eligibility criteria of the participants. 

A 3 Module extensive programme will be presented with objective and subjective evaluation after each module as a requirement for the recognition.


Our establishment is keen on keeping the students refreshed with the new exploration and convention. Furthermore, it’s a learning hub for similar-minded professionals to associate and have open discussions on myofunctional treatment and pediatric sleep. 


Healthcare and allied healthcare professionals enrolling in this fellowship would be enlisted on our site exclusively and are conducive of patient referrals.

Professionals pursuing fellowship under ICMPS: 

  • Can participate in group discussions on an exclusive group

  • Access to discussions and journal clubs

  • Learners will be advanced on our official website.  

  • Have access to yearly meets on learning the progress and advances. 

  • Accessibility to WE Little practice and have in person experience with our team.

  • Team support in treatment planning and progress for the first 5 cases. 

  • Continued support in troubleshooting practice management. 

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