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We offer a unique learning experience 

Our courses cover key areas of Craniofacial Myology and Pediatric Sleep

About Institute of Craniofacial Myology And Pediatric Sleep

Tracing all the way back to 2007, Dr.Shifa Shamsudeen had a vision of making a change in perspective from the traditional treatment approach for crooked teeth to a comprehensive methodology. This methodology essentially centers around the accuracy determination and multidisciplinary approach towards the orofacial issues. To address, identify and correct the root cause of the issues through a holistic approach rather than treating symptoms. ​



Fellowship In Craniofacial Myology And Pediatric Sleep


Eligibility: Dentists(B.D.S/M.D.S)


A comprehensive Myofunctional programme with 3 modules for dentists/dental professionals for a duration of 6 months.

Certification In Craniofacial Myology And Pediatric Sleep


Eligibility: Allied healthcare professionals


A comprehensive certification Myofunctional programme with 3 modules for allied health professional professionals with a background in orofacial therapy.

Fellowship in Pediatric dentistry

The course aims to provide a comprehensive learning for dentists who have an interest in gaining clinical knowledge and skills in the field of Preventive Pediatric dentistry. The programme is designed to coverdental, functional, craniofacial aspects in children

Meet our speakers


Dr. Audrey Yoon


Effath Yasmin


Dr.Girish PV

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Julia Worrall


Nicole Goldfarb

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Dr.Rajesh Raveendranathan

Linda D’Onofrio

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Dr Shifa Shamsudeen


Dr. A.Victor Jerome


Dr Yue Weng Cheu

Speaker Affiliates

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